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A4: SFB-relevante Publikationen

  • Kragl M, Knapp D, Nacu E, Khattak S, Maden M, Epperlein HH, Tanaka EM (2009): Cells keep a memory of their tissue origin during axolotl limb regeneration. Nature 460, 60-5.
  • Lööf S, Straube WL, Drechsel D, Tanaka EM, Simon A. (2007): Plasticity of mammalian myotubes upon stimulation with a thrombin-activated serum factor. Cell Cycle. 6, 1096-101.
  • Mchedlishvili L, Epperlein HH, Telzerow A, Tanaka EM. (2007): A clonal analysis of neural progenitors during axolotl spinal cord regeneration reveals evidence for both spatially restricted and multipotent progenitors. Development. 134, 2083-93.
  • Sobkow L, Epperlein HH, Herklotz S, Straube WL, Tanaka EM. (2006): A germline GFP transgenic axolotl and its use to track cell fate: dual origin of the fin mesenchyme during development and the fate of blood cells during regeneration. Dev Biol. 290, 386-97.
  • Straube WL, Tanaka EM. (2006): Reversibility of the Differentiated State: Regeneration in Amphibians. Artificial Organs. 30, 743-755.
  • Mercader N, Tanaka EM, Torres M (2005): Proximodistal identity during vertebrate limb regeneration is regulated by Meis homeodomain proteins. Development. 132, 4131-42.
  • Schnapp E, Kragl M, Rubin L, Tanaka EM (2005): Hedgehog signaling controls dorsoventral patterning, blastema cell proliferation and cartilage induction during axolotl tail regeneration. Development. 132, 3243-53.
  • Echeverri K, Tanaka EM (2005): Proximodistal patterning during limb regeneration. Dev Biol. 279, 391-401.
  • Schnapp E, Tanaka EM (2005): Quantitative evaluation of morpholino-mediated protein knockdown of GFP, MSX1, and PAX7 during tail regeneration in Ambystoma mexicanum. Dev Dyn. 232, 162-70.


Non peer-reviewed publications

  • Kragl M, Knapp D, Nacu E, Khattak S, Schnapp E, Epperlein HH, Tanaka EM (2008): Novel insights into the flexibility of cell and positional identity during urodele limb regeneration. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 73, 583-92.
  • Tanaka EM, Weidinger G (2008): Micromanaging Regeneration. Gene Dev. 22:700-5.
  • Tanaka EM, Weidinger G (2008): Heads or tails: can WNT tell which one is up? Nat Cell Biol. 10, 122-4.


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