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A27: SFB-relevante Publikationen

  • Bami M, Episkopou V, Gavalas A, Gouti M (2011): Directed neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells is a sensitive system for the identification of novel Hox gene effectors. PLoS One 6, e20197.
  • Gavalas A, Krumlauf R (2000): Retinoid signalling and hindbrain patterning. Curr Opin Genet Dev 10, 380-6.
  • Gavalas A, Ruhrberg C, Livet J, Henderson CE, Krumlauf R (2003): Neuronal defects in the hindbrain of Hoxa1, Hoxb1 and Hoxb2 mutants reflect regulatory interactions among these Hox genes. Development 130, 5663-79.
  • Gavalas A, Studer M, Lumsden A, Rijli FM, Krumlauf R, Chambon P (1998): Hoxa1 and Hoxb1 synergize in patterning the hindbrain, cranial nerves and second pharyngeal arch. Development 125, 1123-36.
  • Gavalas A, Trainor P, Ariza-McNaughton L, Krumlauf R (2001): Synergy between Hoxa1 and Hoxb1: the relationship between arch patterning and the generation of cranial neural crest. Development 128, 3017-27.
  • Gouti M, Briscoe J, Gavalas A (2011): Anterior Hox genes interact with components of the neural crest specification network to induce neural crest fates. Stem Cells 29, 858-70.
  • Gouti M, Gavalas A (2008): Hoxb1 controls cell fate specification and proliferative capacity of neural stem and progenitor cells. Stem Cells 26, 1985-97.
  • Jacob J, Ferri AL, Milton C, Prin F, Pla P, Lin W, Gavalas A, Ang SL, Briscoe J (2007): Transcriptional repression coordinates the temporal switch from motor to serotonergic neurogenesis. Nat Neurosci 10, 1433-9. 
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