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  • Pocha SM, Shevchenko, A and Knust E   (2011). Crumbs regulates rhodopsin transport by interacting with and stabilizing myosin V. J. Cell Biol. 195, 827-838.
  • Muschalik N and Knust E  (2011). Increased levels of the cytoplasmic domain of Crumbs repolarise developing Drosophila photoreceptors. J. Cell Sci. 124, 3715-3725.
  • Campbell K, Knust E and Skaer H (2009): Crumbs stabilises epithelial polarity during tissue remodelling J Cell Sci. 122, 2604-12.
  • Bulgakova NA , Kempkens Ö, Knust E (2008): Multiple domains of Drosophila Stardust differentially mediate localisation of the Crumbs/Stardust complex during photoreceptor development. J. Cell Sci. 121, 2018-1026.
  • Bachmann A, Grawe F, Knust E (2008): Drosophila Lin-7 is a component of the Crumbs complex in epithelia and photoreceptor cells and prevents light-induced retinal degeneration. Eur. J. Cell Biol. 87, 123-136.
  • Berger S, Bulgakova NA, Grawe F, Johnson K, Knust E (2007): Unravelling the genetic complexity of Drosophila stardust during photoreceptor morphogenesis and prevention of light-induced degeneration. Genetics 176, 2189-2200.
  • Knust E (2007): Photoreceptor morphogenesis and retinal degeneration: lessons from Drosophila. Curr. Opinion Neurobiol. 17, 541-547 (Review).
  • Richard M, Roepman R, Aartsen WA, van Rossum AGSH, den Hollander AI, Knust E, Wijnholds J, Cremers FPM (2006): Towards understanding CRUMBS function in retinal dystrophies. Hum. Mol. Gen., 15, R235-R243 (Review).
  • Richard M, Grawe F, Knust E (2006): DPATJ plays a role in retinal morphogenesis and protects against light-dependent degeneration of photoreceptor cells in the Drosophila eye. Dev. Dyn. 235, 895-907.
  • Johnson K, Grawe F, Grzeschik N, Knust E (2002): Drosophila Crumbs is required to inhibit light-induced photoreceptor degeneration. Curr. Biol. 12, 1675-1680.
  • Bachmann A, Schneider M, Theilenberg E, Grawe F, Knust E (2001): Drosophila Stardust is a partner of Crumbs in the control of epithelial cell polarity. Nature 414, 638-643.
  • den Hollander A, Johnson K, de Kok YJM, Klebes A, Brunner HG, Knust E, Cremers FPM (2001): CRB1 has a cytoplasmic domain that is functionally conserved between human and Drosophila.Hum. Mol. Gen. 10: 2767-2773.
  • Klebes A, Knust E (2000): A conserved motif in the cytoplasmic domain of Drosophila Crumbs is required for DE-cadherin localisation and zonula adherens formation. Curr. Biol 10, 76-85.
  • Grawe F, Wodarz A, Lee B, Knust E, Skaer H (1996): The Drosophila genes crumbs and stardust are involved in the biogenesis of adherens junctions. Development 122, 951-959.
  • Wodarz A, Hinz U, Engelbert M, Knust E (1995): Expression of Crumbs confers apical character on plasma membrane domains of ectodermal epithelia of Drosophila. Cell 82, 67-76.


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