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Collaborative Research Center 655

The scientific vision of the SFB 655 is to understand the basic biology of somatic stem and progenitor cells in the context of tissue formation and, eventually, clinical application. Towards this goal, the SFB 655, founded by the DFG since 2005, has brought together the traditionally separate disciplines of cell biology, developmental biology, molecular bioengineering and medicine.

During the 3rd funding period the research efforts will remain focused on two systems, the nervous system and the hematopoietic system, but the future investigations will increase in breadth and depth. Thus, the studies addressing the nervous system go up from 6 funded projects during the first period to 11 projects in the second and third funding period  and those addressing the hematopoietic system from 7 to 9 to now 12 projects. This increase in critical mass, achieved without thematic diversification, reflects the opportunities that have arisen from the established CRTD and Excellence Cluster. As a result, the SFB 655 is endowed with a research profile that in terms of topical concentration and synergies is unique.

The concept of integrating research on human cells and tissues with that on various vertebrate model organisms (zebrafish, axolotl, mouse), each of which offer distinct advantages, has been instrumental for uncovering common principles of tissue formation. Discoveries made in the SFB 655 during its first funding period range from the identification of novel cell biological processes in stem cells to the in vitro reconstitution of 3-dimensional stem cell niches, from the functional analysis of key molecular players to the in vivo analysis of the complex behaviour of stem and progenitor cells in tissues. These interdisciplinary approaches will be further intensified in the third funding period, which places the SFB 655 in a superior position to further dissect basic cellular processes not just in cell culture, but in cells as they form, maintain, and regenerate tissues.


SFB 655: Cells into tissues: Stem cell and progenitor commitment and interactions during tissue formation

Project Area A

Project Area B

A2 Huttner

B1 Anastassiadis

A3 Brand

B2 Bornhäuser / Werner

A4 Tanaka

B3 Corbeil

A6 Ehrhart-Bornstein / Bornstein

B4 Jessberger

A20 Calegari

B5 Buchholz

A21 Kempermann

B6 Brenner

A22 Knust

B7 Ehninger / Thiede

A23 Storch

B9 Waskow

A24 Androutsellis-Theotokis

B10 Chavakis

A25 Norden

B11 Roers

A27 Gavalas

B13 Hofbauer / Platzbecker

B16 Bachmann


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