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Subproject 2

Mapping dynamic protein interactions of Receptor interacting protein 2 (RIP2), Pro-Caspase-1, ASC and other CARD-proteins using life-cell imaging

The proinflammatory enzyme caspase-1 (IL-1β converting enzyme, ICE) plays a pivotal role in autoinflammatory disorders. Upon phagocyte activation, pro-caspase-1 is incorporated into inflammasomes and thereby converted to caspase-1 which activates IL-1β by proteolytic cleavage. The zymogen pro-caspase-1 can also interact via its caspase recruitment domain (CARD) with RIP2, independently of its enzymatic activity. This interaction leads to pronounced NFκB activation and to the induction of alternative proinflammatory pathways. The aim of this project is to further characterize the pro-caspase-1-RIP2 pathway in vitro and in vivo using confocal imgaing and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. The results of this study will contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms of autoinflammation. 

Subproject Managers

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Prof. Dr. med. Sigrun R. Hofmann

Klinik und Poliklinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin
Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Caru


Susanne Russ, MTA
Tel.: 0351-458 6883

Selected Publications

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