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Dipl.-Ing. Willy Mattheus

Research priorit

  • Fitting of cochlear implants based on electrically evoked stapedius reflex measurements
  • Measurement of auditory processing of cochlear implant users by functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)

Scientific career

Selected Publications

  • Mattheus, W., & Brücker, C. (2011). Asymmetric glottal jet deflection: Differences of two- and three-dimensional models. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 130(6), EL373-379.
  • Mattheus, W., & Brücker, C. (2018). Characteristics of the pulsating jet flow through a dynamic glottal model with a lens-like constriction. Biomedical Engineering Letters, 8(3), 309–320.
  • Mattheus, W., Hahne, A., & Mürbe, D. (2016). Hirnaktivitätsmessungen zur Sprach- und Musikwahrnehmung bei postlingual ertaubten CI-Trägern – eine fNIRS-Studie. DocV41.
  • Mattheus, W., Mürbe, D., & Hahne, A. (2017). Kortikale Aktivierung postlingual ertaubter CI-Träger bei der Verarbeitung von Intonationsphrasen als prosodische Informationen. DocV29.
  • Schwarze, R., Mattheus, W., Klostermann, J., & Brücker, C. (2011). Starting jet flows in a three-dimensional channel with larynx-shaped constriction. Computers & Fluids, 48(1), 68–83.