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PhD student in Immunology/Cell Biology/Molecular Medicine (f/m/x)

At the Institute of Physiological Chemistry of the TU Dresden in the group of Prof. Dr. Bernd Schröder we are looking for a highly motivated

PhD student in Immunology/Cell Biology/Molecular Medicine (f/m/x)

The position is available immediatly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our group works on intramembrane proteolysis which links protein degradation with signal transduction and thus represents an important regulatory mechanism for cellular homeostasis. We are especially interested in the SPP/SPPL family of intramembrane proteases. One member of this protease family, SPPL2a, is of crucial importance for development and function of B cells and dendritic cells in mice. Recently, also human patients with SPPL2a deficiency were identified to lack certain dendritic cells and to be susceptible to mycobacterial infections. These phenotypes have been linked with the SPPL2a substrate CD74 which accumulates in the absence of the protease. However, the molecular mechanisms by which the accumulating CD74 disturbs differentiation and function of immune cells are incompletely understood. In the planned PhD project, we want to further characterize these based on the analysis of recently identified novel interacting proteins of CD74.

Therefore, the PhD project will combine basic biochemical/cell biological approaches with the extensive analysis of primary immune cells from our SPPL2a-deficient mouse models. The project offers a broad spectrum of experimental techniques and is at the interface of answering fundamental cell biological/immunological questions in conjunction with characterizing the underlying disease mechanism of SPPL2a-deficient patients, which would also be involved upon therapeutic SPPL2a inhibition. Since this is discussed as a potential approach to treat autoimmunity, the project also is of translational relevance.

For further Information click here . For further information on the project, please contact Prof. Dr. Bernd Schröder (

Your profile:

  • Masters degree in biochemistry, biology or related subjects
  • Experimental experience in one of the following areas: immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology.
  • Good degree of scientific enthusiasm and intrinsic Motivation
  • Ability to integrate into a scientific team

We offer:

  • A fascinating research project, excellent mentoring and a stimulating Environment
  • Arrangement for flexible working hours to find a balance between work and family life
  • Using our internal prevention program including courses and work-out at the `Carus Vital´ health Center
  • Taking part in job-oriented educational courses at the `Carus-Academy´
  • Provision for the future in the form of a company pension plan
  • A Position according to TV-L conditions (E13; 50%)

Severely disabled persons are explicitly encouraged to apply.

In order to apply, please submit a single pdf file until October, 31st 2019 with Registration number PCH0919823, that includes your CV, relevant certificates/degrees, a brief summary of your previous scientific experience, a short statement why you chose to apply for this position and, if available, contact information for two Referees.

For further information please contact: Prof. Dr. Bernd Schröder, phone: 0351- 458-6450 or by mail: