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Influence of the skeleton remodeling status on tumor cell dissemination and growth of metastases

Universität Hamburg: Michael Amling, Thorsten Schinke

Functional characterization of bone metastases-initiating and radiation resistant cells in prostate cancer

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg : Michael Baumann
Technische Universität Dresden : Anna Dubrovska, Mechthild Krause
Nationale Zentrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT) Dresden: Claudia Peitzsch

The role of adipocytes in the tumor microenvironment of bone

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen: Tobias Bäuerle, Aline Bozec

Analysis of the role of TAM receptors in myeloma-induced osteoclast activation and their immuno modulatory functions

Universität Hamburg: Isabel Ben Batalla, Sonja Loges

Interaction of junctional adhesion molecules in the myeloma-bone marrow-niche

Universität Würzburg: Andreas Brandl

Characterization of the influence of osteotropic tumors on the osteocyte network and the osteocyte-transmitted regulation of bone turnover

Technische Universität Dresden: Martina Rauner
Universität Hamburg: Björn Busse
Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Kay Raum

Invasion, colonization and transformation of the bone microenvironment by breast cancer - descriptive and functional examination of membrane leakage and intercellular communication: From cell biology to clinical translation

Technische Universität Dresden: Pauline Wimberger, Denis Corbeil

Influence of myostatin on bone metastasis formation in breast cancer and multiple myeloma

Universität Münster: Berno Dankbar

Examination of the pleiotropic effects of Dickkopf-1 in osteotropic metastasis formation ("homing") and the colonization of breast cancer cells in bone

Technische Universität Dresden: Tilman Rachner, Andy Göbel

Molecular and functional characterization of bone metastases-building cells in prostate cancer

Universität Regensburg: Miodrag Guzvic, Christoph Klein

Role of Tgif1 f in breast cancer-induced pathological bone remodeling

Universität Hamburg: Eric Hesse, Hanna Taipaleenmäki

The Wnt5a signal pathway in the bone microenvironment of prostate cancer

Technische Universität Dresden: Lorenz Hofbauer, Christine Hofbauer

Molecular and functional characterization of the interface between normal and malign plasma cells and bone cells - from individual-cell-analysis of the reciprocal interaction to their clinical implications in bone disease and survival in multiple myeloma

Universität Heidelberg: Dirk Hose
Universität Würzburg: Franz Jakob

Control of tumor cell-bone metastasis formation through regulation of the F-actin dynamic

Technische Universität Dresden: Rolf Jessberger

Role of tumor-associated macrophages in the bone metastasis formation of zebrafish

Technische Universität Dresden: Franziska Knopf

Regulation of tumor cell dormancy in the development of bone metastasis in humane prostate cancer

Universität Hamburg: Tobias Lange

Functional analysis of the metastatic potential of human breast cancer through the influences of matricellular protein SPARC originating from stromal cells in the bone marrow niche

Universität Frankfurt: Hind Medyouf, Lisa Sevenich

Stromal cells of the bone marrow influence immigration of tumor cells into the bone marrow and tumor growth

Universität Heidelberg: Inaam Nakchbandi

RAI2 as a new inhibitor of the dissemination of cancer cells in the bone marrow

Universität Hamburg: Klaus Pantel, Harriet Wikman-Kocher

Role of TRIM proteins in the colonization of bone and the modulation of the bone microenvironment in metastasized prostate cancer

Universität zu Lübeck: Sven Perner

Role of hypoxie signal pathway proteins in the formation of bone metastases

Technische Universität Dresden: Martina Rauner, Ben Wielockx

Development and validation of a gene expression assay as prognostic and predictive biomarker in prostate cancer bone metastases

Universität Lübeck: Verena-Wilbeth Sailer

Central administration, scientific exchange and clinical translation

Technische Universität Dresden: Lorenz Hofbauer