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Three reasons why I love doing science
01. August 2019

Three reasons why I love doing science

and the connection to the µBone consortium - Franziska Knopf, TU Dresden

First: You ask important questions. And sometimes (not always) you'll find the answer, which is very exciting! - In the µBone consortium, we are trying to find the answer to the question why breast cancer cells metastasize in bone.

Second: Every day in the lab is different, no matter which project you work on. To get bored in science is really difficult! - Today I had a look through a microscope and saw how motile a cancer cell was, possibly this is part of the(ir) trick. Intriguing!

Third: You meet inspiring people from all over the world, and we share the same vision - to uncover the secrets of life! - Thanks to everybody who worked and works with me on the µBone project: Katrin, Karina and Yanni (Germany), Nike (Indonesia), Elena (Bulgaria), Colette (USA) and Anastasia (Russia)!