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2nd Workshop in Erlangen

27.09.2019 00:00

Topic: "Dealing with Flow Cytometry (FCM)/ Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)"Mehr…

Gordon Research Conference: Liquid Biopsy for Cancer

21.06.2020 00:00

Chairs: Klaus Pantel & Shana Kelley: Vice Chairs: Min Yu & Rosandra KaplanMehr…

Seed and Soil: Mechanisms of Metastasis

07.10.2019 00:00

7.-9.10.19 in Berlin informal µbone get-together on Monday eveMehr…

ASBMR 2020 Annual Meeting

11.06.2019 00:00

Pre-Meeting Symposium “Cancer and Bone”Mehr…

Liquid Biopsy – CTC, DTC and more

15.11.2019 00:00

Registration for 3rd Workshop in Hamburg is now open!Mehr…