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Teaching schedule 2013


Schedule 2013 – Lectures for MD/PhD students

Principle Investigator (PI) Lectures 90 min, 17.00-18.30 Tuesdays, MTZ SR 6
First block: Spring/Summer

Holger Willenberg Adrenal cortex - developmental and anatomical aspects 08.01.
Martina Rauner Basics of bone biology 15.01.
Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis Principles of Neural Stem Cells 22.01.
Jacques W Lenders Adrenal tumors / Hyperaldosteronism 29.01.
Natalia Pelligata (external speaker) Pheochromocytoma Rat model 05.02.
Barbara Ludwig Basics of beta-cell biology – parallels to the adrenal 12.02.
Holger Willenberg Concepts of adrenal growth and Adrenal carcinoma 19.02.
H. Morawietz Oxidative Stress 26.02.
J. W. Lenders primary Aldosteronism 05.03.
K. Karalis The CRH-stress response system 12.03.
T. Chavakis Innate Immunity 19.03.
Waldemar Kanczkowski Inflammation-associated adrenal dysfunction – basics – 26.03.
Suzanne Eaton Hedgehog signaling in physiology and metabolism 02.04.
Graeme Eisenhofer Catecholamines and sympathoadrenal function I 09.04.
Graeme Eisenhofer Catecholamines and sympathoadrenal function II 16.04.
A. Hübner Syndromes of adrenal insufficiency 23.04.
Tilman Rachner Hormonal regulation of bone 30.04.
Valeria L.-Zepter HPA axis 07.05.
Antonios Chatzigeorgiou Inflammation and Obesity 14.05.
Ismini Alexaki Neurosteroids 21.05.
Lorenz C Hofbauer Extreme phenotypes in humans and their underlying biology 28.05.
Jacques W. Lenders Secondary hypertension 04.06.
Stefan R. Bornstein Adrenal insufficiency in sepsis 11.06.
Monika Ehrhart-Bornstein Adrenal medulla and devlelopment 18.06.