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MD/PhD Program


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. T. Chavakis

Prof. G. Eisenhofer and Prof. Dr. L.C. Hofbauer

Board / Core Faculty:
Prof. Dr. S.R. Bornstein, Dr. M. Ehrhart-Bornstein, Prof. Dr. T. Chavakis, Prof. G. Eisenhofer, Prof. Dr. A. Hübner, Prof. Dr. L.C. Hofbauer, Prof. J. Lenders, PD. Dr. H. Willenberg

Administrative-Scientific Coordinator: Dr. C.G. Ziegler

Requirements and Plan

The curriculum of the ME-PhD program will require a minimum time of three years of work towards the PhD degree. I.e. PhD students will need to spend a minimum time of three years working on their thesis. This will also be the case for medical doctors aiming at the MD/PhD degree; they will have to spend a minimum three years on their thesis, however, one year could be in parallel with their undergraduate studies. PhD students and MD/PhD students will be the core group (members) of the ME-PhD program. A thesis advisory committee (TAC) will be required for each student. Annual progress reports will be given in front of this committee (and ideally in front of more members and faculty of the PhD program). The TAC will consist of the primary supervisor of the PhD student and two more faculty members, of which one at a minimum will have to be a faculty member of the ME-PhD program.

MD-students spending 1 year on their thesis will have the option to receive one of the 4 stipends mentioned above and to be affiliated with the program profiting from its training opportunities. As MD-students will be awarded the Dr. med. degree and not the PhD degree, they will not have exactly the same obligations as PhD students. However, a TAC requirement exists also for MD-students. A TAC consisting of three principal investigators of the University Dresden (a minimum of two Members of the Medical Faculty either at the Professor or the Privatdozent level; also at a minimum one faculty member of the ME-PhD program) will supervise the thesis over the period of year.

The PhD-program curriculum will encompass courses and lectures totalling at a minimum 240 h over the period of three years, i.e. an approximate average of 80 h per year. However, this only represents an average of hours / year. Whereas there may be significant deviations in the average hours of courses / lectures attended per year, the total number of courses / lectures hours attended by each student member of the ME-PhD program cannot be less than 240 h.

Each student-member of the program will have the responsibility to carry a PhD Logbook. The proof of course attendance will be ensured by signatures of the lectures in the PhD-Logbook of each candidate.

Assessment of course knowledge will be included in the thesis defence (Rigorosum), which will take place upon culmination of the program

The courses / lectures will be subdivided in mandatory and elective courses.