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The proposed Clinical Research Unit (CRU), which will provide a comprehensive focus on the adrenal microenvironment in health and disease, depends crucially on scientific interactions and networking. The success of our integrative and multidisciplinary approach requires an efficient management of clinical studies and resources, including collections and sharing of uniquely linked patient data and human materials, together with availability to all CRU members of state-of-the-art analytical platforms and mouse models.

The central administration of clinical protocols, patient data collection, biobanking and complex genetically modified mouse models will accelerate research efforts and enhance collaborative synergisms. Of crucial importance, the central administration will strengthen the mentorship of young physician-scientists and promote equal opportunities by supporting the careers of female scientists and encouraging a family-friendly working atmosphere. This will be accomplished by establishing a network of administrative and support staff, Gerok physician-scientist positions, child care services and training opportunities enhanced by organized seminar and lecture series and exchanges of personnel between the CRU and collaborating outside institutions.