Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge


Prof. Dr. Stefan R. Bornstein

Speaker of the clinical research unit KFO 252 "Microenvironment of the Adrenal in Health and Disease". He is responsible for the overall consortium and for reporting to the DFG.

Prof. Dr. Triantafyllos Chavakis

Coordinator of the basic-translational (bench to bedside) arm of the clinical research unit with a focus on translational animal models of disease and supervising the BTA.

Prof. Graeme Eisenhofer, PhD

Coordinator of the clinical-translational (bedside to bench) arm of the clinical research unit. He will be coordinating clinical studies and biobanks and supervising the study nurse and the lab. manager.

Franziska Schmidt, Assistant  to
Prof. Dr. Chavakis

Will assist Prof. Chavakis with the entire administrative duties and correspondence to other project leaders.

Gregor Müller, PhD

Has assisted with the preparation of the application and will support the entire clinical research unit with administrative as well as technology transfer activities.