Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge

Special Methods and Competence

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan R. Bornstein

Supervision of project, discussion of experiments and data, publication of results.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Kai Zacharowski

Supervises the research project in Frankfurt and provides important insight into clinical picture of critical ill patients at the intensive care unit which is crucial for the translational aspects of this project. He will evaluate experiments, interpret data, and contribute to manuscript writing.

Dr. rer. medic. Kanczkowski Waldemar

He is performing the experiments involving the primary murine and human adrenocortical cell cultures. He performs animal works involving LPS-mediated SIRS and CLP-induced sepsis model. He analyse the adrenal inflammation and the HPA axis activity in the genetically modified mice deficient in the MyD88 expression either in immune (VAV-Cre + MyD88 fl/fl) or adrenocortical (Akr1b7- Cre + MyD88 fl/fl) mice. Finally, he is responsible for the assessment of the HPA axis function (corticosterone and ACTH measurements). Together with Carla he is responsible for communication of findings between the collaborators in Dresden and Frankfurt.

Dr. rer. med. Carla Jannewein

Carla is a post-doctoral fellow of Prof. Zacharowski's research group in Frankfurt. She carries out the performance of the mitochondrial studies as well as ROS analysis in CLP-treated mice. LUMINEX multiplex cytokine assays as well as expression analysis will also be performed in Frankfurt. .She is responsible for the supervision of the technician’s work, data acquisition and analysis as well as communication of findings between the two research groups.

Vera Sprung

Provides technical help regarding the in vivo experiments and performs routine methods of sample processing for this project.

Uta Lehnert

Uta is primary responsible for the experiments involving gene expression analysis, ELISAs and cell culture works.