Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge

Special Methods and Competence

Holger S. Willenberg, PD Dr. med. MD. PhD

Dr. Willenberg is responsible for the development of the ABC test. He has currently a 25% position in Dresden with his own lab space, desk and access to technicians and institutional supplies. He is committed to the training of PhD students and Clinicians in Dresden.

Graeme Eisenhofer, Prof. PhD

Prof. Eisenhofer heads the laboratory at Dresden, responsible for the LC-EC and LC-MS/MS assays of plasma catecholamines, metanephrines and steroids that comprise the critical laboratory components of this project. He will oversee those laboratory-based assays and with 25 years experience in catecholamine neurochemistry will also provide supervision in efforts directed at refining the bedside ABC test.

Jacques Lenders W., Prof. Dr. med. MD, PhD

He has access to technicians and is supported by institutional supplies.
He will organise and supervise the AVS in Nijmegen and advise/assist in Dresden on the clinical aspects of this project including the establishment of AVS expertise. He will play an integral role in the education and training of clinician scientists involved in the project, including their hosting at Nijmegen as part of an exchange program. He will assist in establishing a clinical protocol in Dresden that mirrors that established in Nijmegen. He will also be involved in the development of the eCRF forms modelled on those for the PMT study. He will offer crucial assistance with the setting up of an adrenal centre in Dresden based on his initiative at Nijmegen.

Mirko Peitzsch, Post Doc, PhD

Dr. Peitzsch is an expert mass spectroscopist employed under Prof. Eisenhofer with industry funding for 2 years on this project and with further funding sought under project 2 for an additional 1 year. Dr. Peitzsch will be available under the Industry-based funding to initially set up the required LC-MS/MS assays of steroids and then to train and supervise a technical assistant in the routine use of these assays.