Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge


We will take advantage of ongoing AVS studies at centres in the Netherlands and Germany to obtain samples of blood and tumour tissue for the analyses outlined in this project. These already established and approved studies will be further extended as the study progresses for prospective evaluation of the various diagnostic tests. This current proposal will pursue the following three objectives:

(I).Optimize and establish the accuracy of a new test (the adrenochrome-based colourimetric test) designed for use at the bedside during AVS for rapidly determining correct positioning of adrenal vein catheters.

(II).Determine whether use of the plasma aldosterone:metanephrine ratio is superior, (i.e., more sensitive and more specific) than the aldosterone:cortisol ratio for identifying adrenal sources of aldosterone excess and documenting lateralisation of aldosterone secretion (i.e., to differentiate between unilateral and bilateral aldosterone excess.

(III).Establish whether steroidomic secretory profiles and measurements of other analytes in adrenal venous blood might provide additional biomarkers to distinguish various forms of PA and any relationships of these forms to differences in tumoural biology or disturbances in the adrenal microenvironment as assessed by morphological, RT-PCR and immunohistochemical studies.