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Group of Prof. Eisenhofer, PhD, Division of Clinical Neurochemistry, Departments of Medicine and Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 



Prof. Graeme Eisenhofer, PhD

Graeme, the group leader, has long-standing interests in catecholamine neurochemistry and adrenal endocrinology with extensive preclinical and clinical research experience related to pharmacological studies of catecholamine systems, stress physiology, hypertension, obesity, heart failure and most recently catecholamine-producing tumours.He also acts as the clinical coordinator for Klinische Forschergruppe and the Dresden Adrenal Centre.

Prof. Eisenhofer

Mass Spectrometry Unit

Head:Mirko Peitzsch, PhD

Mirko is a post-doctoral fellow with extensive expertise in LC-MS/MS based methods of targeted analyses. He is responsible for establishing and overseeing all mass spectrometry-based analytical assays for theKlinische Forschergrupperelated target analytes. These methods include the analyses of catecholamines and their O-methylated metabolites, steroids and energy pathway metabolites.

Staff:Denise Kaden (Technical assistant)


Head: Peter Lattke, PhD 

Staff: Daniela Grossman (Technical assistant)

Cell Biology Unit

Head: Nan Qin, PhD

Nan is a senior analyst and Ph.D. with extensive experience in molecular biology and cell culture techniques. She uses chromaffin cell model systems to examine the pathways responsible for phaeochromocytoma tumourigenesis and the relationship of these pathways to the distinct chromaffin cell phenotypes of the tumours. Nan also acts as the Chief Analyst for all HPLC-related assays.

Staff: Catleen Conrad (Technical assistant)

Metabolism Unit

Head: Susan Richter, PhD

Susan is a post-doctoral fellow. She completed her PhD in the field of tumour hypoxia and cancer cell metabolism. She is especially interested in investigating the involvement of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) and energy pathways in pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas using both cell line and knockout mouse models.

Staff:Anastasios Mangelis, MS (PhD Student)

Clinical Studies Unit 


Christina Pamporaki, MD, PhD

Christina, from the University of Ioannina, School of Medicine, Ioannina, Greece, joined the group originally with the support of an Erasmus Clinical Training Fellowship. As part of her training she is participating in a programme of research and clinical investigation directed at diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for patients with endocrine hypertension and functional adrenal tumours, including aldosteronomas, phaeochromocytomas and Cushing’s syndrome. Currently she is the head of the clinical research unit.

Prof. Jacques J. W. Lenders, MD, PhD (Adjunct Visiting Professor) 

Jacques is an internist based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, who also has a 25% position in the Department of Medicine at Dresden as part of theKlinische Forschergruppe. He has extensive research experience in studies of the autonomic nervous system with research emphasis within theKlinische Forschergruppe for studies related to endocrine hypertension, in particular studies of primary aldosteronism and pheochromocytoma. Jacques also facilitates and oversees interactions between members of the Nijmegen and Dresden Adrenal Research Centres.


Mariko Sue, MD, PhD and Christina Skondra MD (Gerok clinician scientist)

Carola Kunath and Katharina Langton (Clinical Research Assistants)

An Yaxin (MD student)

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Group of Prof. Eisenhofer in 2013

Back (from left): Stephan Glöckner, Graeme Eisenhofer, Roland Därr, Michael Bursztyn

Front (from left): Christina Pamporaki, Susan Richter, Nan Qin, Daniela Pelzel, Mirko Peitzsch 

Group photo neurochemistry

 Group of Prof. Eisenhofer in 2011