Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge

Special Methods and Competence

Graeme Eisenhofer

Directs the research project, provides oversight and supervision of laboratory and clinical staff, and coordinates the research with clinicians and collaborators within the host institution and outside centres. Responsible for communication of findings.

Jacques Lenders

Prof. Jacques Lenders is a visiting professor (currently 4 weeks per year) in the Department of Medicine III at the University Hospital of Dresden. He will lead collection of patient data and materials at his home institution (Radboud University Hospital, Nijmegen) for objective 1.

Michael Bursztyn

Prof.  Med. Michael Bursztyn from the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, is an internist and hypertension specialist, and heads the European Society of Hypertension excellence Centre there.

Mirko PeitzschMirko is a post-doctoral fellow with an extensive expertise in LC-MS/MS based methods of targeted analyses. His responsibilities are related to method/assay developments and applications needed for the Klinische Forschergruppe 252. These include the analysis of catecholamines and their O-methylated metabolites in urine and plasma, adrenal steroids and metabolites from the tricarboxylic acid cycle.
Susan RichterSusan is a trained molecular biologist with broad experience in this field. She has extensive knowledge in cancer cell metabolism and tumour hypoxia. In her current project, she is conducting gene knockdown studies in cell culture which aim to investigate the role of succinate dehydrogenase in pheochromocytoma tumours.
Christina PamporakiChristina is a PhD candidate from the University of Ioannina, School of Medicine, Ioannina, Greece and is joining the group with the support of an Erasmus Practical Placement Fellowship. As part of her training she is participating in a program of research and clinical investigation directed at diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for patients with endocrine hypertension and catecholamine producing neuroendocrine tumors.
Roland DärrRoland is a medical doctor, completing his clinical fellowship for specialisation in internal medicine/endocrinology. He has been working as a clinician scientist with the group for more than two years, contributing to protocol development and approval, patient recruitment and all clinical studies related to the Klinische Forschergruppe as well as multicentre clinical studies and trials of the ENS@T consortium. He is supported by a Gerok position within Klinische Forschergruppe. He succesfully completed the „Principals and Practice of Clinical Research Course 2012“ offered by Harvard Medical School and received a „Clinical Research Scholar Award“ for outstanding performance.
Nan QinNan is a Ph.D. student with extensive experience in molecular biology and cell culture techniques. She uses chromaffin cell model systems to examine the pathways responsible for phaeochromocytoma tumourigenesis and the relationship of these pathways to the distinct chromaffin cell phenotypes of the tumours. Nan also acts as the Chief Analyst for all HPLC-related assays.
Daniela PelzelDaniela is a highly skilled research technician, with expert knowledge of LC-MS/MS method applications. She works independently in the mass spectrometry area, conducting the analyses of most of the group’s research samples and from associated multicenter clinical studies. 
Stephan GlöcknerStephan is the clinical research assistant for the group. He facilitates all patient-oriented studies for the Dresden Adrenal Centre and also contributes to the multicentre clinical studies and trials of the ENS@T consortium. He is also responsible for the Data collection, the eCRFs and Data monitoring of our research registry.
Carmen BerndtCarries out routine diagnostic LC-EC assays and additional application of these assays for purposes of research in this project.