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Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Kai Zacharowski

Kai ZacharowskiProf. Zacharowski is the chair of Anaesthesiology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Hospital of Frankfurt and a leading expert in inflammation and sepsis. Together with Prof. Bornstein, Prof. Zacharowski has been focusing on sepsis related adrenal dysregulation in two joint DFG-grants. 

Scientific career

1982-1988Medical School, University of Mainz
1995Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of Mainz
1995-1997Resident, Medical Clinic II of the University of Mainz
1997-2001Clinical Fellow/Lecturer, Clinical Pharmacology at Barts Hospital, UK
2000Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), London, UK
2002-2006Jr-Professor: Anesthesia, University Hospital Dusseldorf
2003Habillitation, University Hospital Dusseldorf
Professor and Chair of Anesthesia & Critical Care, BRI, Bristol, UK
2009-presentDirector and W3-Professor: Anesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany