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Organization & Members


Projects dealing with adrenal hyperfunction

  • Project 1 :     Chromaffin progenitor cells in adrenal tissue and tumour formation (M. Ehrhart-Bornstein and A. Androutsellis-Theotokis)
  • Project 2 :     Biochemical and molecular profiling of chromaffin cell tumours (G. Eisenhofer and J.W. M. Lenders)
  • Project 3 :     Hedgehog signalling in adrenal pathophysiology (V. Lamounier-Zepter and S. Eaton)
  • Project 4:    - recently not funded -
  • Project 5 :     Novel diagnostic biomarkers of excessive aldosterone secretion in patients with  aldosteronomas (H.S. Willenberg, G. Eisenhofer and J.W.M. Lenders)
  • Project 10: Novel Strategies of Targeted Multimodal/Combined Therapy of Pheochromocytoma (R. Bergmann, C. G. Ziegler, G. Eisenhofer, J. Pietzsch)

Projects dealing with adrenal hypofunction and regeneration

  • Project 6 :     Mechanisms of adrenal dysregulation in triple A syndrome (A. Hübner)
  • Project 7 :     Role of innate immunity pattern recognition receptors in adrenocortical cell dysregulation during inflammation (S.R. Bornstein and K. Zacharowski)
  • Project 8 :     Regulation of inflammation-related adrenal dysfunction by leukocyte-endothelial interactions (T. Chavakis and S.R. Bornstein)
  • Project 9 :     Engraftment, function and beta cell regulation in the adrenal transplant model (B. Ludwig, H.Morawietz and S.R. Bornstein)
  • Project Z :     Central administration, clinical studies and mouse models (S.R. Bornstein, T. Chavakis and G. Eisenhofer)