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Feto/neonatal Telemedicine

The increasing use of telemedicine in neonatology and prenatal care allows for the distribution of expertise from highly specialized centers to community and rural hospitals and enables economically viable allocation of patients. The objective of our research is to evaluate the impact of telemedicine on different topics of neonatology and perinatal care. For example, the application of telemedicine to neonatal resuscitation, especially of early pre-term infants, and its possible benefits for clinical outcomes are evaluated. Furthermore, the telemedical dissemination of expert knowledge on infectious diseases and antibiotic stewardship is investigated. Additionally, current research focuses on improving prenatal care of high-risk pregnancies via telemedical collaboration with outpatient gynaecologists. Lastly, the possibilities of telemedicine in psychological counselling for parents of pre-term infants are explored.


Falk Eckart, Maxi Kaufmann, Lukas Galow, Franziska Epple, Lars Mense, Cahit Birdir, Sven Helfer


Allm Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Center for Evidence-Based Healthcare (Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Schmitt, MPH), Dresden


Selected Publications