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The NCT/UCC-ECTU and its cooperation partners provide comprehensive service from early planning to successful analysis, presentation and publication of each individual clinical trial. In a modular system we are happy to either assist your Clincial Research Organization / designated department or provide full CRO services in cooperation with our partners (incl. statistics support, database management, ethics committee and local authority communication). A fixed contact person accompanies all phases of a research project and coordinates the necessary activities.

We understand that timely subject recruitment is essential to the successful development of investigational products. As a tertiary care university hospital we treat a large number of cancer patients which are all registered in a central database. Moreover, regular tumor-boards and -conferences with an ever-growing network of private practice oncologists provide an additional access point for ambulatory patients. Taking these resources into account we conduct an ad-hoc feasibility analysis for every potential trial project and provide realistic commitments on recruitment numbers and timelines.

An electronic data management system is used for documentation in all patients treated at the university hospital. This ensures a seamless transition from in- to out-patient treatment as well as convenient source data access for monitors and auditors.