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Andreas Reichel, MD

Therapy of Typ-1-Diabetes with Insulin Pumps

Previous and current research

Targets of previous and current research are influenced by our patients characteristics:

  • How the technical developments of the pumps improve the outcome of the patients? Effects of advanced programming and enhanced flexibility are studied.
  • What are new IT-solutions able to improve the management of data from the blood glucose self controls by the patients and the communication between patient and diabetologist in daily life.
  • Research on the development and clinical tests of continuous glucose measuring systems with the target to approach to a closed-loop-system for glycemic control.
  • How is the influence of diabetes treatment of compliance of the patients and psychological co-morbidity like depression.

Selected publications

  1. Reichel, A.; Rietzsch, H.; Köhler, H.-J.; Pfützner A.; Gudat, U.; Schulze, J.:Cessation of insulin infusion at night time during CSII-therapy: Comparism of regular human insulin and insulin lisproExp Clin Endocrinol Diab 106 (1998) 168-172
  2. Reichel, A.; Röthig, K.; Schulze, J.:Transfer of data via modem in treatment of diabetics with insulin pump therapy36th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) JerusalemDiabetologia (2000) 43: [Suppl] 236
  3. Reichel A.; Rietzsch, H.; Schulze, J.; Bornstein, S.RFrequency of Hypoglycemic events depending on Glycemia and C-Peptide in CSII patientsDiabetes (2005): [Suppl] 434

Curriculum vitae

1991-2003: Resident and fellow at the 3rd Medical Clinic of the University Clinic Dresden

1998: Internist

2000: MD at the Technical University Dresden

2003: Senior physician at the 3rd Medical Clinic of the University Clinic Dresden

2004: Endocrinologist