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Research groups - Dalpke lab

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Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Dalpke

Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene

0351 458-6550

The focus of my research is infection and immunity. Recent work centers on three topics:

1. We are studying the recognition of microbial nucleic acids by pattern recognition receptors. We try to elucidate principles that enable Toll-like receptors to differentiate foreign, microbial from self nucleic acids. Moreover, we analyze the physiological importance of recognition of bacterial RNA within infection models and we start to study misrecognition of self nucleic acids in autoimmune diseases.

2. Over the past years it turned out that the activity of innate immune cells can be shaped by the local microenvironment within specific organs. We analyze immunemodulatory effects of bronchial epithelial cells on local myeloid cells that limit the reactivity and activation under homeostatic conditions. We assign to airway epithelial cells an important role in the regulation of organ-specific immune responses.

3. A recent project area studies polymicrobial infections by means of next generation sequencing. We focus on patients suffering from cystic fibrosis (CF) but also use the technique to explore microbiome changes in other diseases. In CF we aim to analyze microbiome alterations in early childhood as well as during exacerbation and focus on interactions of commensal and pathogenic bacteria.

Finally, work on improvements in diagnostic procedures in the field of molecular bacteriology and automation is done to allow a more timely diagnosis of infectious diseases.



Funding: DFG Da592-5, DFG Da592-6, DFG Da592-7, Mukoviszidose e.V., GILEAD, Becton Dickinson