Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge



  • How to treat patients with smell and taste complaints: cases  - plenary discussion
  • Anatomy of Smell and Taste - Martin Witt
  • Assessment of the olfactory bulb / nasal imaging – Nasreddin Abolmaali
  • Olfactory and gustatory event-related potentials - Thomas Hummel
  • functional MRI in patients with olfactory dysfunction - Emilia Iannilli / Cornelia Hummel
  • Sinunasal olfactory dysfunction - Michael Damm
  • Other causes of olfactory loss – parosmia phantosmia - Antje Welge-Lüßen
  • Taste dysfunction - Basile Landis / Tino Just
  • Chemosensory dsfunction in patients with neurodegenerative disorders - Antje Haehner
  • Postviral and posttraumatic olfactory loss - Jordan Konstantinidis
  • Treatment of olfactory loss – Carl Philpott
  • Olfactory cleft disease(s) and olfactory dysfunction - Philippe Rombaux
  • Olfactory dysfunction and quality of life - Jan Vodicka

Practical courses

During the practical courses we will focus on the following:

  • olfactory testing
  • taste testing
  • chemosensory event-related potentials
  • recording of electro-olfactograms
  • electrogustometry
  • retronasal olfactory testing
  • investigations of trigeminal sensitivity
  • anatomy of the "olfactory brain"
  • histology of the olfactory epithelium
  • MRI-based volumetry of the olfactory bulb
  • biopsies from the olfactory epithelium
  • and functional MRI


  • Welge-Lüssen, Antje, Prof. Dr. med. (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Landis, Basile, Dr. med. (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Konstantinidis, Jordan, M.D. (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Vodicka, Jan, M.D. (Pardubice, Czech Republic)
  • Rombaux, Philippe, M.D., Prof. (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Philpott, Carl, M.D. (Norwich, U.K.)
  • Witt, Martin, Prof. Dr. med. (Rostock, Germany)
  • Alberto Macchi (Milano)
  • Ilona Croy (Gothenborg)
  • Simona Negoias (Bern)
  • Jens Reden (Dresden)
  • Antje Haehner (Dresden)
  • Mandy Scheibe (Dresden)
  • Charlotte Sinding (Dresden)
  • Valentin Schriever (Dresden)