Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge

Tractograaphy results with seed in Brodmann area 44 (BA44) (left) and in Heschl’s Gyrus (right). Average tractograms of all participants are displayed on the standard T1 MNI-brain. Seed ROIs are marked with dashed lines. Significant differences in connectivity between groups are depicted in orange. Color coding in slices ranges from 0 (no connectivity with seed ROI) to 1 (maximal connectivity). Tracts are shown at a threshold of 0.2, which was also used for statistical testing. For purposes of clarity, the tracts in the 3D images are presented at a threshold of 0.3. 3D images and horizontal slices are viewed from above and coronal slices from behind with left in the pictures representing left in the brain. Boxplots indicate mean logarithmized connectivity values of controls (C) and deafs (D) in areas with significant connectivity differences; Cohen’s d was calculated post hoc. P-values are FWE-corrected at cluster level. All coordinates are given in MNI-space. Figure from Fink et al. ( licensed under CC BY 4.0