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Dr.-Ing. Zhaoyu Chen"Zhaoyu_Chen" from ERCD licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Dr.-Ing. Zhaoyu Chen

Zhaoyu Chen has been a research associate at ERCD since 2019. Her research work is focus on material characterization and modelling in the context of continuum mechanics with one- and multiaxial experimental investigation from nano- to macroscale and multi-scale numerical simulation. Joining the ERCD research team inspirited her interest in finding out new functional biomedical material or implants and characterizing thermal-acousto-mechanical behaviors.

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Selected Publications

  • Jung, A., Chen, Z., & Diebels, S. (2017). Nanoindentation of Ni/Al hybrid foams. In Applied Nanoindentation in Advanced Materials (pp. 223–246). John Wiley & Sons.
  • Jung, A., Chen, Z., Schmauch, J., Motz, C., & Diebels, S. (2016). Micromechanical characterisation of Ni/Al hybrid foams by nano- and microindentation coupled with EBSD. Acta Materialia, 102, 38–48.
  • Chen, Z., & Diebels, S. (2015). Indentation of PU at different scales and computational modeling: Identification of viscoelasticity and quantification of adhesion effects. Archive of Applied Mechanics, 85(9), 1225–1243.
  • Chen, Z., Diebels, S., Peter, N. J., & Schneider, A. S. (2013). Identification of finite viscoelasticity and adhesion effects in nanoindentation of a soft polymer by inverse method. Computational Materials Science, 72, 127–139.
  • Chen, Z., Scheffer, T., Seibert, H., & Diebels, S. (2013). Macroindentation of a soft polymer: Identification of hyperelasticity and validation by uni/biaxial tensile tests. Mechanics of Materials, 64, 111–127.