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A novel role for nuclear caspase-8 in tumor progression

We have identified a novel molecular mechanism how nuclear caspase-8 generates a de facto loss of the tumor suppressor wildtype p53 in aggressive cancer cells, thereby promoting therapy resistance and tumor relapse.
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Death ligand TRAIL as an alternative treatment option for malignant melanoma

Exposure of tumor cells to sublethal drug doses may cause a phenotype switch from therapy responsive into highly proliferating metastatic and therapy resistant cancer cells. We investigate the role of focal adhesion kinase in inducing this phenotype switch in response to death receptor activation using second generation TRAIL receptor agonists with enhanced bioactivity.
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Novel approaches using 3-dimensional reconstructs

By developing an organotypic full skin equivalent, harboring melanoma spheroids of we have invented a cell-based model that recapitulates both the 3-d organization and multicellular complexity of an organ/tumor in vivo but at the same time accommodates systematic experimental intervention.
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  • Office Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dagmar Kulms: Blasewitzer Str. 43, 01307 Dresden (ABAKUS, UKD house 111) - room 3.418
  • Lab: NCT National Center of Tumor Diseases (NCT), Fetscherstraße 74, Haus 136, 01307 Dresden